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Ethiopia Volunteer Tourism

volunteer tourism Tourism can be a real help to local communities providing income, positive cultural exchanges and the financial incentive to protect the natural environment. Come to Ethiopia as a volunteer and help in one of the many institutions. There are plenty of possibilities and the good feeling to have done something good will stay for a lifetime. Work with children in an orphanage or be the helping hand in a health center, clinic or hospital or for home based care. You can help, educate and teach by promoting awareness of HIV/AIDS and showing possibilities of prevention.

Develop the environmental awareness of the population by teaching in schools or planting trees within a community. Serve as a teacher of English, math, science or business in a local school. Be part of a community and help with the construction of a school, a well or other projects. You will love Ethiopia and its people. For further information please contact us. African Adventure Tours can arrange for you a volunteering program and as a bonus we donate 2 % of the tour cost to the institution you have decided for.

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